**** UPDATE 01 JUN 2018 - JWC does not provide military accommodation for participants registered after 31 MAY. The only option available is the commercial hotel mentioned in the Administrative Instruction. *****

Please read all attached instructions before you start the registration process. 

Additionally, please join the All Partners Access Network (APAN) Amphibious Leaders Expeditionary Symposium (ALES) Community of Interest group. To register, go to the APAN homepage: https://apan.org, and click Create Account on the top, right. Once you have an account, to join the ALES community please search for "ALES" or "Amphibious Leaders Expeditionary Symposium" in the search bar at the top of the screen. You can then request to join the community. Once your request has been accepted you will be able to contribute to the content of the community of interest and upload your biography.